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Count Abdulla
TV Series - ITV X
Production Designer

Streaming now on ITVX!

Writer: Kaamil Shah
Director: Asim Abbasi

DoP: Arran Green
Produced by: Hussain Casey-Ahmed / Fudge Park Productions
Executive Producers: Phil Gilbert / Suzanne Knight

Director: Jade O'Connor
Set Decorator: Elle Prudence
Graphic Designer: Hannah Backshall
Assistant Art Director: Sam Storey
Standby Art Director: Fingal Green
Standby Props: Alfie Davies / Gideon Palmer

Props Master: Mohammed Amin Swaleh
Dressing Props: Nana Quartey
Dressing Props: Maxie-Boy O'Sullivan
Art Department Assistant: Elin Taylor

And amongst the army of dailies to whom I am eternally grateful, a special thanks to Tasneem Elnayal, Harrison Toward, Francesca Alabaster, Melissa Baugh and Luca Grandi.

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